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Friday, May 26, 2017

From web to mobile to connected cars - here are some application security resources you need to check out

Given all of the variables and complexities associated with information security, I still believe that application security is the biggest weakness in most organizations and the one area where we can truly effect the greatest change. Here are some pieces that I have written recently regarding web and mobile app security that you might enjoy:

Identifying and addressing overlooked web security vulnerabilities

What the end of hot patching mobile apps means for enterprise security

Headed for a wreck? Why you need to be paying attention to data security for connected cars

Take responsibility for vendor product security

Android VPN apps: How to address privacy and security issues

Keeping your Web applications in check with HIPAA compliance

Protecting Web applications with network controls - Is it effective?

Common oversights in mobile app security

As always, lots more information security content on my website here.

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