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Friday, February 3, 2017

Prepping for - or dealing with - a computer security incident? Here are some resources for you.

It's a reality of using computer systems today - the threats are out there waiting to pounce, especially onto that low-hanging fruit that so many businesses overlook. Here are some pieces I've written in the recent past that address incident response, data breaches, and the like:

Figuring out what happened after a data breach

Questions that must be answered once a security breach occurs

Six endpoint management lessons from POS security breaches

Managing Windows Server audit logs to cover your assets

Developing a security incident response policy (plan): Avoiding pitfalls

The most important aspect of incident response planning

The fa├žade of credit monitoring services offered after a breach and what else you can do to protect yourself

Be sure to check out my web page dedicated to computer security incident response resources for further insight and, hopefully, assistance for when the going gets rough.

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